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SodelsCot is a curious application that allows you to listen to written texts in many languages.

Basically, the program captures the text from your clipboard or directly from some applications simply by selecting it; text processors, web pages, e-mail... reproducing its content through the speakers.

Here are some possibilities that this program offers you:

Listen to large pages of text, e-mails, messenger, etc.

Study and check spelling and numerical data.

Compare paper documents with the documents on screen.

Perfect your pronunciation of any of the languages available.

Save documents or electronic books in audio files.

Improve the work of visually handicapped persons.

Send e-mails with voice files attached.

Use the voice synthesis in your applications.

The program includes 5 voices customizable in speed.

--Read the text typed in any application.
--Allows to run it in command line and drag text files to read them.
--More comfortable and complete interface.


Works for 7 days without any restriction.

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